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By nbaspecialtips
#72347 Pisao za strance, pa reko i ovdje da podijelim:

Atlanta Hawks:

Atlanta is going for rebuilding as it seems. They dont have Howard and Millsap anymore, which makes them much much weaker in my eyes. They were in top 3 racket defenses in the league, but now with Ilyasova and Dedmon I think they are an average defense there. So, unfortunatly- we wont be playing opponents centers as under against Atlanta.

Schroder is growing up into a really important player, and I seem him as over in first few games, especially if bookies dont offer margin high enough. His margin will probably be different in bookies (until 4-5th game) so I think this will be easy to exploit. Also one great thing about Schroder is that he is still somewhat bad in defense, so we will try to exploit that too.

Boston Celtics:

Huge trade happened here, but for us- it doesnt mean much, because we are at same situation: a good offensive PG which doesnt play defense. Hayward is now at SF instead of Crowder which also doesnt change a lot- they are at similar level in defense (Hayward maybe being a little bit better, but not much). Bradley is not in Celtics anymore, but again- there is Smart there who is a good defender, so this doesnt change much either.

Brooklyn Nets:

Interesting trade happened here... they are going full reboulding mode (they should have started this earlier). Their main player got replaced by Mozgov who isnt a really goof offensive player- you cant expect him to score 20 on average (that would be crazy), but they have many players on outside positions now- with the one that is interesting for u: Russell. Nets dont have great offensive options, and I think Russell, Killpatrick and Lin will be taking more shots than they were taking in last season, so this could be a good thing to exploit in start of new season. If Russell will be a starter- I tihnk we will be starting this season with "OVER" on him. Nets will stay shitty team in defense again, so in games without blowout, many of opponent's player will go over.

Chicago Bulls:

Big changes happened in Bulls. I think everyone thought that Bulls will build team around Butler, but they traded him for LaVine! LaVine is injured, and wont play until mid November. There are several small changes like Rondo not playing anymore, having Justin Holiday, Pondexter and some other new faces. Wade is still in Bulls, I dont see any player that will take 20+ shots each game (except Wade) so I think Wade might be a great bet as over in first few days of the season. Also, I think their defense on PG is a little weaker now with Rondo not being there anymore.

Charlotte Gornets:

Nothing much to say here excpet that we will maybe start playing most centers as under against them with Howard now being their main center. Hornets play decent defense overall, slower tempo, and with Howard in the racket, I dont think centers will be scoring many points against them.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

There were some big trades happening here. Instead of Irving, now we have Thomas who is similar player to irving (from our point of view- good in offense, doesnt play defense). There is also Derrick Rose as back up which could lead to Thomas going under in first few games if bookies set up too high margin- not only does Thomas now have great back up, but also he is sharing the ball with great shooters Smith/Korver and ofc James and Love, so he wont have same number of shots as he did in Boston. Cavs are also stronger on SF now with Crowder being there- this should lead to James being rested a little more, but again LeBron is monster, so he might play his normal time in all games (there was a talk about how he Irving and Love were playing much more than they were supposed troughout the whole season).

Dallas Mavericks:

Last season Dallas had huge problems with injuries and I think we exploited well. This year I dont see anything that will be easy to exploit at start of the season: with no players being injured players like Matthews and Curry could be played as under for smaller amount, but we will see when season starts... Thing that is still great for Dallas is that they will most probably keep same pace of game they had in last season, so opponent players should probably come as under against them.

Denver Nuggets:

When looking from perspective of someone who is betting on NBA players, I think that there wasnt a big change in Denver. Gallinari aint there anymore (he was taking solid amount of shots) but now there is Millsap who will take similar number of shots. Few things we should have in mind is that Nurkic (february trade) isnt there, which opens space for Jokic to play more- they have Plumplee who is similar type of player, but he is only a back up and there isnt need to force his minutes (Nurkic was other story, because he is a talent, and having him on bench for few minutes only, or none, is a waste of talent). With Millsap being there instead of Gallinari Chandler could be starter and that could influance. Also, Jokic didnt played on eurobasket to prepare individually for new NBA season so I think that is a good thing for him- maybe he takes more responsibility in offense now.

Detroit Pistons:

Unlike some before, Pistons had some changes that we could try to exploit. They dont have KCP, but now they have Avery Bradley who is for us (which are betting on nba players) same thing as KCP. On PG there are still jackson and Smith, but on forward positions- we dont have M. Morris anymore, and with their team already not having many players on those positions, I think Tobias Harris will be scoring more points: they have like only 3 real players on two positions. We should also have our eye on Marjanovic! He played well on Eurobasket and I think he could be getting more minutes now (after all he is one of most efficient players in points per minute ration).

Golden State Warriors:

If we exclude their games against Cavs and OKC, we almost never played on GSW's players... After Durant coming there, they became to inconsistent, and as someone who is investing their money and time- we cant let luck to be huge factor in our bets.

Houston Rockets:

Some big changes happened in Rockets. They dont have "I play only defense" Beverly, but now they have CP3 who is great in defense, but is great in offense. There is no Lou Williams anymore, who was someone who would come off the bench and take up to 20 shots if there is a chance, but now with CP being in the team, I dont think much will be changed because ofc, CP should be taking many more shots than Beverly was taking. capela could profit from having CP because opponents have to focus CP and Harden, and both of them are great passers, so when playing against fast teams with poor racket defense, capela seems like good "over".

Indiana Pacers:

Many changes here... But what really gets in our eyes is Turner! If he gets low enough margin, I think he will be great "over" for first few games in the season. There is no more Miles there, but now we have Oladipo... There is no more PG, but now you have Bogdanovic... I dont think these two players will take all shots that were taken by PG and Miles, so I think Turner coudl profit a lot there. Also, Oladipo should have more important role in Indiana so he coudl be a decent over too.

Los Angeles Clippers:

Some really interesting changes here, and some things we simply wont know until season starts: one of them being- who will play most minutes on pg? Clippers signed best player that at the time wasnt playing in NBA, but they also signed Beverly, and ofc there is also coach's son- Rivers there... So maybe we could exploit the bookies on this position, but we need to see few games first to be sure. Problem with Beverly is that he doesnt really play offense that much, while Teodosic doesnt play defense at all, and tbh Rivers aint a really good player- in my eyes, he is worse than both of them. I can see Rivers combining Teodosic and Beverly so he gets both: great offense, and he also can hide Teodosic in defense if Beverly is on the floor. We also have Gallinari on SF now and we also have "half player-half injury" on PF (Griffin ofc) so if he again gets in problem with injuries, I think we will be able to exploit it trough Jordan, Gallinari or someone else. Player that should profit a lot with Teodosic in the team is Jordan. Teodosic is known as really really great passer, and I think Jordan will be getting points on player. If margins are ok, we could try to go with him in first game (depending on how healthy Griffin is).

Los Angeles Lakers:

They picked Ball in the draft, and now we should wait to see if he will really be a starter in Lakers, becaus tbh, they dont have Russell anymore, so Balls has great chance of being starter (they got rid of decent player with good potential so Ball would have more space and time). Calderon isnt there for some time so Ball should be getting decent amount of time- but to make bets on him, we need to wait at least one game. Williams aint there anymore, and he was really important 6th man for Lakers... New face in Lakers is also Lopez, which will have similar role as he did in Nets "do whatever you want". He have Bogut as back-up, and Bogut had problems with injuries so when he is out- we could see Lopez playing more than his 28-29 minutes, and that should be a decent over, even though I was kinda skipping Lopez in last season.

Memphis Grizlies:

I dont think there is a lot to exploit here. Conley and Gasol are still sherifs of Memphis and will be taking most of the shots, depending on who will have easier match up in the game. Small difference is in the racket where there is no more Z-bo, and I kinda hate that fact because with Randolph being out, I think Memphis is a little weaker in the racket, but still, there is Gasol there so opponent's centers will have hard time and will be a good under always.