Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#129798 Postavio sam na stranici svojo granta over ranije- lagan win ko i zadnjih 7 haha malo vise za vcrs+ ko ima wwin moze se odigrat murray 14,5+ derozan - gay 12,5+ I neki uslov

J.Allen PRA [23.5] over 1.25u; bet365@1.83; BKN

-He cemented the starting position for himself so he should be playing around 30 minutes per game from now on;
-He is averaging PRA of 22.9 this season, but in the first 7 games he averaged 21.2 PRA in 22.7 min, but since starting he played 30 min, and averaged PRA of 30.3 PRA;
-I took PRA instead of PR because he had 3 and 6 assists in the last 2 games when Irving was out;

K.Durant PRA [42.5] over 1u neds/all@1.87; BKN

-He is averaging PRA of 42;
-With irving OUT, he should have a much higher usage rate and do his thing: 30+ points, but he should also assist here and there (at least more than usual);
-Didn't palyed for few games, should be fully rested and ready to lead BKN today.

D.Murray PRA [30.5] over 1.5u bet365@1.83; SAS

-Averaging PRA of 29,5 so almost on the margin;
-His match up plays non-existent defense;
-No DeRozan, his 30 PRA needs to go to someone, and Murray should feel it- more shots and more assists;

K.Johnson PRA [25.5] over 0.75u bet365@1.83; SAS

-Averaging PRA of 24.3;
-No DeRozan, someone needs to take his 30 PRA;
-Super easy match up and no proper rim protection;
-Bad defense and 233 points projected; Should also be a close game;

S.Curry [29.5] over 0.5u uni/neds/all@1.91; GSW

-Is averaging 30.6 points this season;
-Has 5/9 overs, but here are the reasons: injury+Bevelry against Clippers; blowout against Portland, heavy blowouts against Bucks and Nets;
-Should be a close game with many points: 233 projected;
-Wiggins might be injured and that would surely help;