Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By Samoprozvanikraljnba
#130157 Deandre Jordan 7.5 poena -under

Kad bi stavio samo Jordan to bi bilo svetogrdje pored tog svetog imena staviti 7.5 under...u svakom slucaju je logika sledeca veceras se vraca ravnozemljas u ekipu a trenutno su igrali u prvoj petorici Jordan,Durant,Harden,Green,Haris...znaci po svemu sudeci Green ide na klupu i mjenja Denadrea...Brooklin je svejedno kratak u rotaciji treba ce im prsti guzici svrbljivoj jer nece svako vece moci Harden i Durant po 30+, napad kad im stane bice povuci a bogami i potegni mi ga djole...Denadre prelazi ove sezone samo kad ima 6/6 ili 4/4 znaci mora biti 100% a ove sezone prvih 7 utak Cavsi su bili prva deff ekipa nba sad su trenutno druga a a Andre i Nance rade izvrsan posao jos im je pomglo sto Love nije dosta igrao...rezultatski pad cavsa je dosao povredama skoro svih vanjskih igraca tako da je mora Drami da stavlja po 20 + poena i 20+ skokova...
Ako bude htio sacuvati Dramija morace mu igrati Jordan vise nego green ali ako bude htio drzati tempo Durnata,Irvinga i Hardena onda mora green vise da igra koji je vruc zadnju dao 4/5 trojke istini na volju Jordan je imao 6 zakucavanja kontra Brooka ali smatram da to veceras nece imati sansu...irving ce vjerovatno da carini loptu kao i ostala dve super zvijezde...Drami nije bas bio efikasan protiv Jordana u odbrani dok je bio u Detoritu ali ipak ovde igraju bolju odbranu i samo centri sa sutem izvan reketa su prelazili svoje prosjeke dok skoro svi slicni Jordanu debelo ispod...u ligi su prvi po branjnju centra dozvoljavajući samo nesto iznad 50% efikasnosti a na 47 minuta sa te pozicije primaju skroo 17 poena... 5/10 ulog

P.S igraju za dva dana opet tako da se preporucuje gledanje ove utak da se vidi nesto za sledecu
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By nbaspecialtips
#130192 Granice od ranije, nesto se sitno izmjenilo.. kome se ne svidja nek se zali inspekciji

C.Capela PRA [29.5] over 1.5u neds/bet365/ni@1.87; ATL

-Huge minutes in recent time- 37 and 39 in the last two games, before that 27 and 26 in heavy blowouts, so it's safe to assume that he should be playing around 35 or more minutes if the game is close;
-Last two games he had PRAs of 40 and 40.
-Match up good for over;
-Works great with Young;
-Since Collins started bitching about Young he isn't getting balls from Young and he takes less shots, while it's opposite for Capela;

J.Grant PRA [30.5] over 1.25u bet365@1,83; DET

-There are only 3 things it's safe to assume will always happen/be there: Death, taxes and Grant going over 30 PRA
-Averages PRA of 33.5 this season, 35.2 if we exclude the first game;
-Opponent great for over- fast pace with poor defense;
-He is 31.5 on other bookies;

C.Wood [21.5] over 1u sb/bf/uni/tab@1.9; HOU

-We played him last time on 23.5 and he cleared it easily and now we have two points lower margin so we have to take him again.
-He had a slow start in the last game and still managed to get to 30 so I expect another good performance from this guy.
-He is averaging PRA 23.8 and is projected to score 22.2 today (by rotoworld);

V.Oladipo PRA [31.5] over 1.5u neds/lads/uni@1.87; HOU

-Wall is still OUT, so based on what we saw in the last game Oladipo will be the first attacking options and should have a huge usage rate;
-Last game he had 32, 5 and 9 in 32 minutes played (2 days ago so he is well rested) while taking 23 shots;
-He should still take 20+ shots and go to the line few times while also grabing 5-6 rebounds and dishing out 5-6 assists. As long as he isn't trowing bricks this should go over without much issues if he plays the whole game;

M.Smart as [4.5] under 0.5u unibet@2.15; BOS

-Don't play him unless the odds are 2.05 or higher;
-Kemba is back so Smart is moved to SG, and when Kemba is off Boston has Teague and also Pritchard so Smart won't be playmaking a lot- he will have more responsbility in defense to cover up for Kemba's lack of it;
-Last game (albeit a bo) he had only 2 assists, but i think he will average less than 5 assists when Kemba and Teague are healthy;

D.Sabonis PRA [40.5] over 1u unibet@1.86; IND

-He is 1-2 points higher on other bookies;
-Turner isn't out but he fractures his hand, and I doubt he will play, or that he will be good enough to play (less block chasing and shooting poorly because of the hand on which he will surely have a brace). If Turner doesn't play- great, if he does- it's not end of the world;
-He is averaging PRA of 40.3 so righ ton the margin; Reason why he should be having a good game is that Oladipo is traded away and Levert isn't playing so that 32 PRA Oladipo was taking has to go to someone;
-Also, Dallas is thiner than usual on tall positions as they are playing without Finney Smith, Kleber and Powell;
-In close games Sabonis should play close to 40 minutes and this should be a close game as Dallas isn't a big favorite;

K.Olynyk PRA [19.5] under 1u unibet@1.88; MIA

-Averages PRA of 18.7 this season, but it would be much less if there wasn't for those two games where he had to play 39 and 45 minutes (getting PRAs of 27 and 22) because Bam was OUT;
-With everyone there he should be playing around 20-25 minutes and he shouldn't be scoring much, and he doesn't play close to the rim to get the rebounds;
-He is projected at PRA of 15 for this season; 16.7 for today if we are to trust rotoworld;
-Also match up is harder both ways;

B.Adebayo PRA [34.5] over 1.75u unibet@1.78; MIA

-Great bet on 35.5 as well (take maybe 0.25 less)
-No Butler, Leonard or Bradley;
-In 4 games without Jimmy he had PRAs of 22 in heavy BO against the Bucks, 40 in the second game, 41 against Pistons in BO, and then 44 in game after that.
-He should be averaging around 35-36 PRA this season and with main attacking option being out, I think that more fair line would be 4-5 points above what it is now;
-Toronto is nothing special on C position;
-Herro coming back does hurt Adebayo's usage rate a little bit, but it also adds one more good shooter to the squad, so more assists potentialy for Bam.

S.Milton PRA [20.5] over 1.25u bet365@1.86; PHI

-He averages PRA of 22.4 this season while playing 26.6 minutes on average;
-Since Curry isn't playing Milton played 36, 27 (heavy BO) and 33 minutes while getting PRAs of 32, 39 and 35;
-Very important: he is starting of the bench and plays as sixth man who just needs to score and he does that great. Maxey being moved into the starting line up is great for him as he plays more but also has a much better usage rate.
-I am checking rotoworld projections, and they see him on PRA of 28 tonight!? Can't say I fully agree, but I wouldn't be surprised.

J.Brown PRA [33.5] over 2.5u uni@1.82; BOS

-Is 35.5 on some other bookies;
-Averaging PRA of 35.6 this season;
-Kemba is back but should be on minutes restriction;
-Main reason for taking him is that Tatum is OUT, and you expect Brown to add at least 5-6 extra PRA to his average in that situation;
-Last game against NY without Tatum he had PRA of 34 in BO game where he didn't played in the last quarter at all;

N.Vucevic PT+REB [35.5] over 1.25u bet365/sb/bf@1.83; ORL

-Very easy match up. Reid can't guard him 1v1 and he is terrible in defense overall;
-Vucevic playing very well this season- averaging PR of 34 in 31.7 minutes, but the number is lower because of so many blowouts on Orlando's games in the recent time (almost every third was a huge BO).
-In the last 5 games he is averaging PR of 37.8 so higher than the margin, plus with easy match up- he should have a really good game as long as he gets his minutes;
-If Okogie gueards Fournier it would be even better;
-Playing PR instead of PRA because he won't have to playmake as much as when Fournier was OUT.

C.Anthony PRA [21.5] under 1.25u uni/all@1.91; ORL

-Fournier is back and Anthony is still in the first unit. His usage rate should decrease by a lot as Fournier will be playing more with the ball in his hands.
-Since starting he has PRA of 18.2, but in the first game he scored half of it while playing in BO, and he dod so against Boston as well.
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By russellwes
#130197 Bam Adebayo over 18.5 1,70 FavBet

Opet nema Herroa za Miami, a Toronto kako je ostao bez Ibake i Gasola nije ista ekipe u obrani. Adebayo igra sjajno i ako on ne bude raspolozen tesko ce Miami sta ovdje napraviti.

Kyrie Irving over 22.5 1,85 SuperSport

Irving se vraca nakon "pauze" i s obzirom kakva je on glava od njega ocekujem danas da pokaze klasu i da pokusa dokazat da je bolji od ove dvojice. Takodjer igra protiv Cavsa, bivse ekipe. Jedini problem moze biti blowout.

Domantas Sabonis over 12.5 skokova 1,80 FavBet

U prosjeku Sabonis na 12.8 skokova ove sezone, a danas nema Turnera kod Indiane tako da ocekujem da jos uhvati par njegovih skokova. I sa njim na parketu je uzimao dosta.
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By UcenikBGD
#130198 dubl 1 - DeAndre Jordan under7,5 & W.Cauley-Stein under 8,5. Prvog objasnili drugi pored Luke,Porz iTHJ mi ne deluje kao over.

dubl 2 - Deni Grin (fila) under 9,5 & Drejmond Grin (g.stejt) under 7,5 -Burazeri zajedno u minus.

dubl 3 - D.Wright (detroit) under 7,5 & J.Okogie (Mine) under 7,5 - obojica su se raspali, pogotovo ovaj prvi.

Naravno i 6/6 kad sve uleti da se chesu tamo gde ih ne svrbi.

Single D.Rose over15,5 da ne budu sve underi danas. I jos danas odigran Sabo Sabinjo Sabonis over 21,5!!!
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By Beli#88
#130200 Sinoc dubl Adams O’ Neale prošao manje danas ovako
Jordan. 7.5. -
Drumomd se već zna da je dobar defanzivac, veceras velika trojka će imati svoj show, iskreno ne bi me čudilo da cela petorka dodje - ali ne bih se igrao sa tim
D. Wriht 7.5. -
Slabo njemu idu poeni tu je opet Grant kao glavni igrač posle ulazi Rose
C. Anthony 13.5. -
Povratak furnijea, ima Orlando druge igrače koji će davati poene
Nemam vremena za neke analize jer sam na slavi
Dodao bih još
Siakam. 19.5. -
Hardavej 16.5. -
Nemam neke posebne razloge jedino neki osecaj
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By nbaspecialtips
#130202 Three more bets!!! I also had dragic pra over 25.5 but the line got increased by 2 while I was doing write ups. Also Hurter from Atlanta should have a huge game, but there is no PRA in the offer. FIrst game is starting soon (Sabonis) in around 20 minutes. Second one is starting in almost 1 hour so hurry up. GOOD LUCK!

B.Adebayo PRA [35.5] over 1u neds/bet365/sb/bf@1.87; MIA

-This isn't a new bet! We already played this on 34.5 with 1.75u.
-So if you didn't played the first bet, this means you should put 2.75 units on this one!!!
-Reason for increasing the stake is because Herro is OUT!

D.Robinson PRA [20.5] over 1.25u unibet@1.77; MIA

-You can do 21.5 but do 1u only
-Herro, Butler and Bradley OUT.
-Will play huge minutes and could cross this line on points alone if his 3pt is working today;

D.Sabonis REB [13.5] over 1u bet365@2.0; IND

Taking this for the odds. You can take him on unibet for 12.5 but with odds of 1.66;
-No Turner. Sabonis goes to C and should be getting plenty of rebounds;
-He is averaging like 16 rebounds per 40 min when Turner isn't playing;
-Last game 14 rebounds in a heavy Bo;
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By Darko1987
#130203 Odigrano dosta toga, evo jedan single za temu dana, vidim da forum gori, izgleda da se vraća stari sjaj... :roll: :mrgreen:

Devin Booker (PHO) 24,5 Over @1,90 Bet365

Prije 2 dana uzasna tekma Book-a, 5/21 šut, večeras očekujem momentalnu reakciju. Protivnik nacrtan, Houston defanzivno ne zna gdje bije. Nadam se da neće rano pući rakete, Devin sa svojom punom minutažom (37-38 min) ide lagano preko ove granice. Raduje me činjenica da je zadnje 3 tekme uzimao prosječno 20 šuteva. Tekma na 220pts, povoljan matchup, ja ga večeras vidim na 30+.