Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#133408 D.Green PRA [22.5] over 1u bet365@1.9; GSW

-Same bet as last 4 times (all wins);
-No looney and Wiseman, Green is playing on C which leads to more assists and rebounds than usual but also more minutes (he plays 36-37 in close game, while his season average is 28 minute);

G.Trent PRA [20.5] over 1.25u all@1.91; POR

-Crazy how he failed on points last time, getting 15 in the first half and 0 in second, but he was still an over on PRA;
-He will probably end up with the easiest match up today as he should be guarded by Curry;
-230 points projected.
-He is averaging PRA of almost 25 since starting; on this margin he has only 1 under.

J.Embiid PRA [44.5] over 1u uni/bet365@1.91; PHI

-Expect him to dominate today. Kanter is poor in defense and also plays close to the rim, so Embiid won't often have to go outside to defend so he should get more defensive rebounds;
-Last 5 games even though we saw 1 big blowout and 2 small ones, Embiid managed to get 4/5 overs with the under being right on the margin, and with average PRA of 46.8;

D.Wright PRA [21.5] over 1u uni/sb/bf@1.91; DET

-Was thinking between him and Grant on 31.5+.. both seem like great bets and there is no specific reason why yo take Wright over Grant.
-With Rose being traded away Wright is expected to play between mid and high 30s which is a big bump in playing time;
-If he keeps his average production and plays 36-37 minutes he is projected to get PRA of around 25.
-In the last 5 games he is averaging PRA of 23.6, but we saw 3 big blowouts, and also Rose played in one of these, so we should expect even better numbers from Wright.