Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#133519 J.Green PRA [16.5] over 1u bet365@1.83; BKN

-BKN is without Jordan and Claxton. They will probably start with Green on 5 and he should spend majority of playing time on C, and he should expect a big increase in playing time as well;
-That should lead to more of everything, but especially rebounds as there won't be Jordan fighting to get every defensive one;
-GSW is also without centers, so both teams will be playing small ball for most of the/whole game;
-Very fast game expected, over 240 points projected;

D.Green PRA [23.5] over 1.25u bet365@1.83; GSW

-Since Looney went down (Wiseman was first to do so) Green is getting PRAs of 32 (huge BO), 23, 27, 24 (blowout) and 25; for average of 26.2 so well above this line;
-Nets are without centers as well, so both teams will play small ball with a lot of running, so plenty of chances for getting extra PRA;
-Game is projected at 245 points, so much more than what is usually expected;

J.Randle PRA [37.5] over 1u bet365@1.8; NYK

-Was thinking between him, Noel PRA 14,5 and Barret under 24.5;
-Robinson is OUT so I expect that Randle will have to play close to 40 minutes again, and that he will spent a lot of time on C as Noel is starting on C, Randle on PF, but Randle will be kept in the game when Noel goes to the bench and he will move to C where he should spend half of his playing time which should mean it's easier to get rebounds;
-He is already averaging PRA of 39.3, and he should have an above average game;