Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#155657 A.Davis PRA [39.5] over 1.5u uni/365@1.89; LAL

-No James. Without him Davis was getting PRAs of 41 (against good defense), 48, 52, 56, 40 so all overs.
-Any match up he could face should be super easy for him when he starts on 4.
-Blowout isn't expected and lakers are just 2 points favorites. Game is projected at 223 which should be a positive thing for this over.

R.Westbrook PRA [41.5] over 1u sb/uni/365@1.93; LAL

-Without LeBron Westbrook has PRA of 51, 43, 23, 39, 47, 51.
-Close game is projected here with over 220 points.

R.Rubio PRA [23.5] over 1u neds/bet365@1.85; CLE

-He is averaging almost 25 PRA this season in 28 minutes played;
-Cleveland is without Sexton, Markkanen and Love, so Rubio should play around 30 minutes and have a very nice usage rate no matter does he start or comes off the bench.
-In the game where Sexton went down Rubio ended up with PRA of 50 and 30 in the next one.

D.DeRozan PRA [36.5] over 1u uni/all@1.89; CHI

-He is already averaging close to this, but today Bulls will be playing without Vucevic who will be replaced by Tony who won't do anything in offense, so that 30 PRA of Vucevic will probably go to DeRozan and LaVine (who should also go over his 37.5 line).
-DeRozan is the one that benefits the most when Vucevic isn't on the floor, taking 25 shots per 36 minutes when that's the case.

W.Barton PRA [24.5] over 1.33u bet365@1.83; DEN

-He is one point higher on other bookies.
-He is averaging PRA of 26.5 this season. If we don't count the last game it's 25.2-so again over this line. He has 8 overs in 11 games.
-Denver is without MJP so someone has to get those 20 PRA and 12 shots, and Barton should surely be the one benefiting from it.

J.Collins PRA [23.5] over 1u uni/all@1.94; ATL

-He has 8 overs in 12 games. Two unders were in blowouts where he much less.
-His average PRA is 26.3 which is well above this line. He was originally projected to average PRA of around 28 and I think he will come close to that number at end of the season as he is a young player who already averaged something like that last season, and you don't expect him to regress.

D.Schroder PRA [24.5] over 1.25u uni/neds/365@1.89; BOS

-He is already averaging close to this. He is 1 point higher on BF/sb.
-Boston is without Brown. Schroder should be starting, playing more than 32 minutes and getting more looks.
-In the 3 games without Brown, Schroder has 3/3 overs with 28 against Houston, 30 against Dallas (played almost 40 minutes) and 27 against Toronto in a small blowout where he palyed 1.5min less.

J.Richardson PRA [14.5] over 0.75u bet365@1.9; BOS

-No Brown so Schroder should move into the starting line up which leaves Richardson with a better usage rate, and besides that- Richardson should also be playing much more than usual- in the first 7 games of the season Richardson played 21 minutes on average, and in the last 2 games without Brown he played 31 and 33.

B.Portis PRA [24.5] over 0.75u sb/bf/bet/all@1.92; MIL

-No Lopez, so Portis should be starting and playing good minutes.
-Last 3 games he had PRA of 28, 32 and 22 (played only 24 minutes for some reason).
-Per 36 minutes he is taking 18 shots and getting over 10 rebounds, so if he plays around 30 minutes he should easily go over this line if he can keep his average shooting % and rebounding rate.

D.Murray PRA [32.5] over 1.25u uni/365@1.89; SAS

-He is averaging PRA of 34.5 this season despite the slow start.
-He is consistent with number of shots taken- its usually close to 20 each game and he has a good 30% usage rate most of the time.
-Opponent isn't known for great defense, blowout isn't expected and the game is projected at around 220 points- all great stuff for this over.
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By Darko1987
#155659 Russell Westbrook (LAL) 20,5 Over @1,86 Bet365

Russ danas puni 33 godine, siguran sam da je ovo večeras njegova tekma. LeBron je out, Nunn od početka ne igra, Rondo takođe upitan tako da LAL na jedinici ima samo Russ-a. Usage rate u ovakvim okolnostima mu drastično raste. Još uvijek se traži, nije to baš onako kako se očekivalo ali polako i on pronalazi svoju ulogu u timu.

Minnesota 6 poraza u nizu, očekuje se jedna efikasna tekma na 225-230pts, ritam meča bi morao biti izuzetno visok a to je ono što Russ najviše voli, poeni iz tranzicije su ipak njegov zaštitini znak. Uz punu minutažu, 20-ak šuteva, 7-8 penala moralo bi biti dovoljno za 20+ partiju protiv Timberwolves-a.
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By nbaspecialtips
#155660 B.Portis PRA [29.5] over 0.75u bet365@1.86; MIL

-I already posted him at 24.5 over 0.75u. If you didn't managed to play that one (which is now the best bet of the day based on info we have), you can play 1u on this one or 1.25u;
-Giannis isn't playing so Portis should get shit ton of minutes on C and should also end up with a huge usage rate and he was already taking plenty of shots each game.

J.Valanciunas PRA [35.5] over 1u bet365@1.9; NOP

-Good odds and 1 point lower margin than on other bookies.
-Ingram still not playing. Nets without defense on C position;
-Six games without Ingram, Valanciunas has PRA of 38 on average;
-Smaller bet because BKN is a big 8-9 points favorite here.

J.JacksonJr PRA [23.5] over 0.66u bet/all@1.86; MEM

-Adams might be OUT today which would be of huge help;
-Suns are without Ayton which should make it easier for Jackson to do damage inside;
-He is playing more minutes on C now which results in him getting more rebounds;
-For him this will probably come down to PF trouble- if it doesn't happen he should play 30+ minutes and should go over this line.