Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#155711 ove ispod sam uradio tokom dana, mozda su margine malo drugacije sad

D.DeRozan pt [23.5] over 1.5u uni/bet365@1.82; CHI

-He is averaging 26.1 pt this season.
-Bulls are without their third attacking option of Vucevic who was scoring 14 points per game and is replaced by a guy who doesn't do anything in offense
-Close game is projected so DeRozan should play good minutes and take 15-20 shots, in combination with 7-12 FTs.

A.Davis PRA [39.5] over 1.33u bet365@1.86; LAL

-Without LeBron he is having PRA of 56, 40, 52, 5 (injury), 48. 41. 32 (heavy BO), 55.
-Bulls without Vucevic so they are thiner on 4/5.
-Davis spends a good amount of time on 5 now, so he should also be rebounding well.

E.Mobley PRA [28.5] over 1u neds/lads@1.88; CLE

-He is already averaging PRA of 27. When Love was playing MObley was averaging PRA of 23.6 in 31.7 minutes; After Love went down he is averaging PRA of 28 in 36.4 minutes played- there was the game against Wizards where he played 26, but besides that one, there is no other where he played less than 36 and he often played 40.
-Allen is doubtfull for today, so should play as much as he can because Cavs already have a short rotation and Mobley seems like a best option for a starting center which should help with his rebounding numbers and also leave him more open for 3s (he can hit here and there when left alone).

M.Morris PRA [18.5] over 1u sb/bf/all@1.95; DEN

-Denver is without Porter and Murray while Barton is doubtful. They need more playmaking from Morris and he will now get more touches in offense. Barton's 25 PRA has to go somewhere and Morris should get a decent chunk of it.
-Yesterday in a big blowout games he had PRA of 26 while playing only 24 minutes.
-A Gordon should also go 20+

K.Kuzma PRA [26.5] over 1u neds/lads/bet365@1.83; WIZ

-No Beal. Kuzma should be more aggressive and get more touches in the offense.
-He gets a decent usage rate increase with Beal of the floor, and knowing that he already averages 26 PRA, you can expect him that he should do several points better than that today.
-Opponent is the worst defense in the league.

D.Sabonis PRA [29.5] over 1u uni/bet365@1.89; IND

-Disrespectful line. Last season he averaged 39 PRA, this season he is projected to average similar, and he is averaging 33.6
-On this line he has only 5 unders in 14 games with 2 of those unders being with 28 and 29 PRA.
-He is going against decent defense but the margin is still way too low.

If VanVleet is not playing, feel free to take Siakam. If Butler isn't playing both ADebayo and Herro are good options.


D.Schroder PRA [25.5] over 1.75u bet365/uni@1.9; BOS

-Averages 27 this season;
-No Brown and without him he has 5/5 overs with PRA of 28, 30, 27, 49 and 35.

R.Rubio PRA [22.5] over 1u uni/sb/bf@1.89; CLE

-Averages PRA of 23.3;
-No Love, Markkanen and Sexton.
-Rubio should end up playing ~33 minutes if the game is close. He has a good usage rate and is taking good number of shots. With Sexton being out, his PRA average for the season should go few points up.

S.Dinwiddie PRA [31.5] over 1.5u uni/all@1.89; WIZ

-Averages PRA of 27.5 this season while having usage rate of 20-24% when Beal is playing; With no Beal his usage rate skyrockets to 30%+ so in two games without Beal he had PRA of 49 and 50;
-Opponent and march up are good for over (the worst defense and easy match up);
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By Darko1987
#155714 Jerami Grant (DET) 20,5 Over @1,85 Mozzart

Nemam ovde šta mnogo pričati, Detroit ne može nikog dobiti ako Grant ne probije 20pts. Vjerujem da će tekma protiv Kings-a biti u egalu do kraja te da će Jerami dobiti svojih 36-37min, a kad je tako on uglavnom probija ovu granicu.