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By nbaspecialtips
#155723 T.Harris PRA [30.5] over 1.33u neds/sb/bf@1.91; PHI

-He averaged PRA of 30 last season while playing with Simmons and Embiid, both high usage guys. Today there is neither of them for Phila so Harris will have to do everything.
-He is going against a strong defense, and BO could easily happen, but with the usage rate expected from Harris, he should be able to go trough even if he only plays 3 quarters. In the last two games he was going against good defensive team of Toronto where he had PRA of 33 and he had PRA of 46 against Indiana.

D.Drummond PT+REB [25.5] under 0.75u sb/bf/neds@1.87; PHI

-27.5 pra should be good as well, but this should have a small edge over it.
-He is playing good minutes because Embiid is OUT, but in the last 2 when Harris was playing, he only played 30 and 31.
-He is going against very hard match ups. His time on the floor should overlap with Gobert's for most of it, and that is a very hard match up in offense- hard to score and get points as well. (utah is the 4th best team when it comes to the number of rebounds allowed).
-If BO happens, even better.

D.Murray PRA [32.5] over 1u uni/365@1.85; SAS

-Averages 34.2. Has only 5 unders in 13 games, and even in unders he wasn't too far away- 29 in BO against Orlando, 28 in small bo against MIL, 24 in 26 min against IND. He effectively had like one bad game this season and did pretty well on all others.

L.Walker PRA [14.5] over 0.66u 365@1.83; SAS

-He averaged PRA of 15.5 last season while in these 13 games this season he is averaging PRA of 16.8. He has only 4 unders in 13 games. In case of BO he should be playing extra.

D.Vassell PRA [16.5] over 0.66u uni.365@1.95; SAS

-He has 7/13 overs on this line, but he is averaging PRA of almost 19. He started slowly with playing 25, 20 and 19 minutes in the first 3 games, but after that he was averaging almost 30 minutes played with PRA of 20.