Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
Miki28 wrote:Pozdrav ljudi, sta se radi? Ocemo angazovat nekog da ispise tekst o timovima za pocetak sezone, neki uvod? Malo jace od mjesec dana ostalo

Moze li ovako nesto? :D

Atlanta Hawks:

Hawks were tanking last season, and they will continue doing it this season as well. They send Schroder to OKC who was their main offensive option last season, and in return they took Carmelo which they then let go, and he signed with Houston Rockets (more about that in the post where we will analyze Rockets).
Taylor was also free to go (he picked Cavs), and Muscala was traded away for Justin Anderson. Damion Lee will be player of GSW this season (probably only in G League).
Atlanta signed several players: Justin Anderson from Phila via Muscala trade. He was scoring 6 points for Phila in the last season and we can expect him to come of the bench for Atlanta and not play big minutes. Vince Carter, D.Hamilton and Alex Len were signed as free agents. Out of these 3 only Len should be playing big minutes. Atlanta managed to get a T.Young, who was a No. 5 pick on this year's draft, so he should be expected to play decent number of minutes this season because Atlanta is still in rebuilding phase.

From these trades and signings we cant have a clear vision on who will be a main offensive option for Atlanta. Price is still there, he is known to take many shots per game- so he might be a good option as OVER on the first few games of the season depending on margin we get from the bookies. Lin is supposed to fight for a spot with T.Young so we might be able to exploit this. Lin is known for being injury prone, so there should be some games where value on Young over will be high and we are going to take it. Other than that, I think we will be avoiding Atlanta players this season because they arent fighting for anything so they individually shouldn't be consistent.

Boston Celtics:

There were many rumors about Boston wanting to sign Leonard from Spurs, and that they are ready to let go Brown and Hayward in order to do so. This didn't happen and Boston kept the core from the last season and didn't do any major changes.
Baynes, Bird and Smart signed new contracts while Larkin and Monroe wont be here for the next season. Even though they didn't had a big trade, they do have a big difference for this season- Hayward is back and will be ready for the season after a nasty injury at start of the 17-18 season. Boston is surely a contender for a title this year and I think they will continue playing their style of game this season as well. With Hayward being back, they secured one more great defensive player on SF/PF and if they continue playing with slower pace and keep defense on same level as before, we will be playing many UNDERs on their opponents (Boston last season was 7th slowest team in the league, while having the best defensive efficiency).
When it comes to players from Boston, we will have to see first how will Hayward fit in, how many minutes we can expect for each one of them etc.
Irving in his NBA career is averaging around 60 games per season and if he continues in same direction this season, there should be situations where we can exploit this.

Brooklyn Nets:

Nets will be in similar situation as Atlanta. They got rid of some players like Arthur, Cunnigham, D.Howard (traded from Hornets, then waived), Lin, Okafor, Stauskas and Whitehead.
They signed Ed Davis, Dudley, Farried, Graham and Napier, while drafting Musa and Kurucs.
From these trades we can see they don't have any short term ambition. They will probably continue playing faster than average which should bring more points, at least for opponents because Nets were 5th worst team in defense last season and now with Dudley and Farried here I don't think this will change.

They got rid of Lin so they created some more space for Russell who will fight with Dinwiddie over minutes on PG. Harris re-signed with Nets and he should be having a decent playing time. RJH and Carroll are still there, so their starting 5 might be really similar to last season. We will see will Russell now bite harder with Lin being out- this might be our chance to exploit the situation.

Other than that, we will probably be avoiding Nets while they are without injuries because it isn't easy to find good options for betting there. On the other side, we should be playing many overs against them because they should be really bad in defense this season as well.

Charlotte Hornets:

I don't really understand what they are planning to do this season. They look like a team that can't play play-off, but at the same time they are not that too far away.

They signed Biyombo, Tony Parker and drafted 3 players while letting these guys go: Carter-Williams, Graham, Howard, Mozgov (came from nets, then sent to Magic) and J.Stone.

MCW wasnt playing many minutes last season+ Hornets signed T.Parker so there shouldnt be a difference in minutes for Kemba who will surely be their main offensive option this season. They lost a strong center in Howard, but he was replaced by Biyombo who isnt as good as Howard in offense, but at least he is good in rebounding so they wont be much weaker in defense against centers. With Howard gone Kemba might be taking more shots because there will be less reasons to pass the ball to the paint because Howard isnt there anymore and Biyombo is not someone who actively seeks to get the ball inside.

Chicago Bulls:

Bulls made some changes this season. Main change is signing of Jabari Parker who didnt get a great chance after coming back from injury in Milwaukee, so I think that Bulls did a good job here. They also re-signed LaVine (for big amount of money- some say they overpaid him).

They released many players- Zipser, Kilpatrick, J.Stone, Pondexter, Nwaba, J.Grant and Vonleh. With all these changes, we can say that Parker and laVine should be leading offensive options for the Bulls, maybe even Markannen- this should be a nice young trio around which Bulls could create a nice team.

LaVine came to Bulls from Minnesota, where he wasnt rested- he was playing almost 40 minutes per game before he tore ACL after which he was traded to the Bulls. This leaves LaVine with personal motive when playing against Tim/Minnesota and I think if other "modifiers" are good, we will be playing him over against them, just like we did last few times in the last season. What will be especially good is if Butler gets traded from Minnesota, so LaVine could have an easier job in offense. Parker should feel similar when it comes to the Bucks. He had a big injury, in PO he almost didn't played, and was let go in the end. I think he will try to prove himself in the games against the Bucks, and we should try to exploit this.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

This one will be interesting. We all know that they have lost LeBron James, and with him- their chances of playing Finals again. They re-signed Hood and Love, while taking in Nwaba, Frye, Dekker and drafting Sexton.

Together with James, they also lost Calderon, Jeff Green, Perkins and Okaro White.

What should be clear from this is that Love will be first and only real attacking option for the Cavs, so I think the first few games if the margin is ok we will be playing overs on him. They didn't add anyone who will take majority of usage rate James had, so it will go to players like Love and Hood. Cedi Osman should also start getting a bigger role because he proved to be decent in the last season.

With James being out, we can expect Hill to get more assists and create more plays, especially if Cavs decide to play Clarkson on similar role as he had in Lakers- someone who will come of the bench for 15 min and lead most of attacks while scoring 15-20 points.

Dallas Mavericks:

They made plenty of changes. First, they are without these players: Seth Curry, Collinsworth, Ferrell, Larrier, McDermott, Motley, Noel and Onuaku.

They have signed 2 players that should play a lot this season- Jordan and Luka Doncic. Doncic has potential to be the best EU player of all time in the NBA and I believe Dallas is not risking anything in giving him big playing time just to get used to NBA and to the team. Jordan should be a starting center. They received a great rebounder in him.

They have also signed Devin Harris, but it will be interesting to see how much playing time will he get, because they already have a really talented PG (Smith) and they also already have a nice back up in Barrea.

They still don't have a strong squad, but with Doncic there, they should have a good potential.

Denver Nuggets:

Denver Nuggets made some good choices this season. They re-signed Barton and Jokic, and it's a sure thing now that they will make Jokic to be a main player of this franchise.

They traded away Chandler, Farried and Arthur and also released Whitehead (who they got from the Nets) and Devin Harris. They signed I.Thomas as a free agent and that should be a nice boost from the bench.

They stayed with a same core which was fighting for PO last season and almost got it- only change was on the bench which shouldnt be a big difference. They should continue playing their style with fast pace, weak defense and many points so their games should be good for betting because opponents should be scoring a lot.

Detroit Pistons:

Pistons didn't made many changes. They don't have a cap room so they couldnt make any big free agent signings so they just went with Calderon and Pachulia. Last season they werent unable to make it to the PO and I think they wont be able to do it this season as well.

They signed Casey who was fired from Toronto even though he Toronto was first on the EC table after regular season. With him, Pistons might change a little bit. Casey is known to play a good defense and use bench a lot during the regular season. In Toronto he was unlucky with Lowry and DeRozan which choked in PO.

Golden State Warriors:

They did an excellent job this season. They resigned Durant and Looney and also managed to sign Cousins who was a free agent. He agreed to a 5 milion $ one year contract and to be honest, GSW looks unstoppable now. The only problem with Cousins is his injury because of which he will miss a big part of the season. While he is out, GSW will probably use their youngsters to fill the role- Bell is showing a nice potential and should get bigger minutes while Cousins is out.

McGee and Pachulia left GSW, which is a nice move- they have Cousins now, plus this will leave their youngster with more minutes.

Last season they played with a fast pace and a decent defense. They played somewhat worse defense than one season ago, but they are still a strongest team in the league. It will be hard to bet on their games simply because they are so good- they can blowout anyone, so it will always be risky to choose players from the games played by this team.
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By Mr. No
#107538 Pozdravljam cijenjeno društvo.
Nadam se da su svi ljeto iskoristili najbolje moguće na privatnom i poslovnom planu.

Imam sačuvane granice na igrače iz lokala do sredine 2.mjeseca (u excelu), a zanima me jel neko ispratio cijelu sezonu.
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By nbaspecialtips
#107540 Evo jos 10:

Houston Rockets:

Rockets made some interesting choices which I don't like. They made a deal with Suns where they sent away Anderson and Ariza and in return they've got Knight and Chriss. Knight didnt played a lot in last 2 seasons because of injuries, while on the other side Chriss is a young talent. Neither of them should be a huge impact. On other side- they lost their stretch 4 and also lost Ariza who can do everything on the floor and was a really nice boost for their defense.

They also lost Mbah a Moute who was doing a defensive role, and now without him and Ariza, (and with Chriss and Anthony) their defense can only become worse.

They signed MCW and Carmelo as free agents. Turns out, Anthony is ok with starting from the bench. What is a question here- will Houston again use only 7-8 players troughout the season like they did mostly in the last season, because if they have same plans- getting Chriss (and not playing him) and MCW doesnt make a lot of sense. With Carmelo being someone who wants ball in his hands and wants to play his isolation- we should see Gordon with lower usage rate, and I think we could exploit this at start of the season. Before he was coming of the bench, spending some time together with CP3/Harden on the floor, but also had some minutes where he was the main offensive option. Now with Melo there, I dont think he will be able to take same number of shots as last season .

Overall regarding Rockets: They did secured CP and Capela, but overall with Ariza and Moute going away, I think they are somewhat weaker than last season. They will continue to play fast, take many 3pt shots, but they will play with worse defense which we might try to exploit.

Just like last season: if CP3 or Harden start having injury problems, Gordon will be our primary pick as over cause he will be the one benefiting the most out of it.

One advice for those that will be doing their own player bets- avoid playing Capela. Capela is completely dependant on CP and Harden, and because fo that, he is too unpredictable. He can easily go over against Gasol/Gobert, and at the same time stay under against Jokic/Plumplee/Towns etc. He wont be creating his own plays solo, he wont ask for ball inside the post, so it is best to just avoid him.

Indiana Pacers:

Indiana played really good last season. With Oladipo as main player they played much better than before PG13 trade. This year they are going with the same recipe. The only change we have is that they released Jefferson and Stephenson while taking Evans, McDermott and O'Quinn.

Evans is a big upgrade compared to Stephanson. Al Jefferson is just replaced by OQuinn. So no major changes, nothing to exploit here.

Los Angeles Clippers:

Clippers made many changes in last 2 trade periods. They traded Griffin away and got some decent names in return, and this season they also changed some stuff. First they traded away Dad's son (Rivers) and they got Gortat in return, which is a good deal for them because Jordan just left them and joined Dallas. Dekker and C.J Williams left them as well.

They signed new contracts with Bradley, Harrell and Wallace. They also signed Mbah a Moute who should be a nice boost for them. They drafted Gilgeous-Alexander who should become potentially their franchise guard. So it will be interesting how many minutes will he be getting per game.

I must also say that Clippers got pretty lucky regarding new contract Lou Williams signed- they got an excellent 6th man for really small amount which leaves them with more cash to spend elsewhere.

Overall, Clippers look like, at least for me, as a team that has palyer on which you can't place bets. Everything at this point seems too random, but that might change as the season goes.

Los Angeles Lakers:

This one might be the most interesting team right now. We all know they have signed LeBron and went directly from being young in need of a XP to becoming a title contender.

Lets go from the guys they have released.
Thomas Bryant and Tyler Ennis are waived. Luol Deng also made a deal with Lakers and he left- he signed with Minnesota (more about it later) in effort to play again. In Lakers he would earn more money, but he would never play so its a good thing for both sides here.
Frye went back to the Cavs as free agent. Here comes the interesting part- Lakers lost Lopez, Randle and Thomas. Lopez and Thomas are understanable- Lakers need salary cap to sign players that LeBron want, but its a sad thing that Randle had to go because he was young, and he had an excellent season behind him. Because of this, Kuzma might expect few minutes per game.

New faces: Lakers signed Beasley and McGee- good replacements for Lopez/Randle. They have also signed Stephenson and Rondo. This will be pretty interesting because now Lakers have someone that isnt a PG and plays with the ball a lot (Lebron) while at same time they have 2 PGs that only know how to create attacks, but are a terrible shooters (Rondo and Ball). It will also be interesting who will play the starting PG- veteran Rondo, or a young Ball. One thing is certain for me- Rondo will be having less assists than he had in last season, and same thing might apply to James, but I am not that sure about him.

Ingram's numbers should suffer because of James- we might try to exploit this one as well.

Overall, I think they will still be really bad in defense, even though they will be much stronger overall. Players that they have signed (except Rondo but we dont know will he be the starter) aint a great defenders (or don't play defense properly in regular season like James).

Memphis Grizzlies:

They drafted a No. 4 this season and signed several decent free agents- Kyle Anderson, Casspi and Mack. They also received Temple in the trade with the Kings. On the other side- they lost Deyonta Davis (Gasol might play few minutes more on average!?), T. Ebans, D.Jognson, O.Johnson, McLemore. With Conley and Gasol healthy, and few new faces- they will probably try to go for the play off one more time.

As in last few seasons- they will hard on defense, with organised attacks without many fast transitions allowed. SO we can expect less points on their games. What will be a good pick as always- opponent's centers as under whent hey are going against Gasol. Gasol is probably the second best Center when it comes to defense plus he got help from Green so every center will have problems when facing Memphis. Also when Conley is healthy and playing, he will be taking big part in offense of Memphis so Gasol could focus more on playing defense- he wont have to play both at full capacity like he had several times last season when Conley was injured.

Miami Heat:

They made absolutly no changes. No trades and no draft picks this season. They will play same style as last season- slower pace and a good defense.

They only possible change I see is playing time of Whiteside- he went from world class Center, to being bellow average (which costed him minutes in the PO). Miami have a good C on the bench and if Whiteside keeps playing badly, he might play much less, or even start coming off the bench. This seems like a nice thing to exploit at the start of the season.

Milwaukee Bucks:

Bucks did some good signings. They got Connaughton, Ilyasova and Lopez while letting Jennings and Parker go. Parker was a good player, but they couldnt fit him properly with Giannis, and at same time Parker was coming of a major injury so they didnt want to risk it with a big contract.

With Lopez they filled a big gap they had on center position so they probably wont be going small ball in the last quarter like they did many times last season. Ilyasova is a great option on 4 now and should fit nicely with Giannis.

They now have a nice trio in Bledsoe, Giannis and Middleton and it will be hard to do player bets on them when everyone is healthy... but if someone out of these 3 gets injured or rested- other 2 should be a really nice "overs".

New Orleans Pelicans:

Pelicans will be a much different team than expected in this season. Cousins had a really terrible injury at end of the last season and seems like no one wanted to risk with him while going all in and giving him big money, so Cousins decided to sign with GSW for 5m for the season (I've read that Pelicans were offering 20m for 2 seasons).

Cousins wasnt the only one that left- Rondo also wont be here. He is playing with the Lakers.

So, we can say that Pelicans should be somewhat weaker in the next season. They have signed Payton as replacement for Rondo. They also signed Randle and Okafor- both playing tall positions, and evne though they are not as good as Cousins, they will at least be a decent replacement (Okafor not really, but Randle can play good enough).

I cant really predict what player bets will be good here, but I must say we have an interesting situation here. We have AD who is the best player there, paired with Randle who is a good player but he is someone who doesnt get his teamates involved, and it will be interesting how these two will work out. Randle should have lower usage rate than he had in the Lakers and that might be the first thing we will try to exploit here.

New York Knicks:

Knicks didnt do any big changes in preparation to this season. They are building around Porzingis and are waiting for this young team to get some exp. They signed Hezonja and Vonleh, while drafting Kevin Knox. All young talents, but neither of those should be a big impact right away. On the other side they got rid of Beasley and OQuinn.

Nothing important to say about them.

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Oklahoma managed to do a great job and re-sign PG13, so they have a good core in him and Westbrook. They got rid of several players, but most importantly- Carmelo Anthony who was taking a big part of the salary cap while not really helping them. They made some decent signings like Nerlens Noel, but also Dennis Schroder.

What is important for the start of the season- Westbrook had a knee injury and we dont know will he play the first game, and evne if he plays- how many minutes will he get. So this seems like a great option to exploit Schroder as Over because I expect that he will play more minutes at first few games until Westbrook is fully ready.
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By matezd8
#107549 Pozdrav, mozda nije pravo mjesto za pitanje ali ovo je trenutno najaktivniji dio foruma koliko vidim. Zanima me koje internet kladionice sa NBA igracima u ponudi dozvoljavaju najvece uloge i koliki su oni cca? Naravno da ne blokiraju par isti tren kada dode vijest da neko ne igra, 3 minute prednosti su sasvim dovoljne. U hrvatskoj koristim supersport kojemu redovito treba najmanje 10 minuta da par blokiraju iz ponude ili korigiraju granicu, dozvoljavaju velike uloge i sve stoji ali ti porezi me nerviraju. Svaki savjet je pozeljan, hvala :)
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By pennyHardway
matezd8 wrote:Pozdrav, mozda nije pravo mjesto za pitanje ali ovo je trenutno najaktivniji dio foruma koliko vidim. Zanima me koje internet kladionice sa NBA igracima u ponudi dozvoljavaju najvece uloge i koliki su oni cca? Naravno da ne blokiraju par isti tren kada dode vijest da neko ne igra, 3 minute prednosti su sasvim dovoljne. U hrvatskoj koristim supersport kojemu redovito treba najmanje 10 minuta da par blokiraju iz ponude ili korigiraju granicu, dozvoljavaju velike uloge i sve stoji ali ti porezi me nerviraju. Svaki savjet je pozeljan, hvala :)

Sve strane internet kladionice daju naravno se de igra singl na kosarkase i ni jedna nema poreza ni na ulog ni na dobit. Tako da ovo sto rade neke kladionice kao premier i wwin i traze 5 parova minimum je velika pljacka zbog koje bi ostali bez license. Znam npr da je WWIN prijavljen zbog ovi stvari IBAS-u ali su rekli da oni imaju neku slabu licensu i ne moze se puno toga uraditi nego ih staviti na tkz crnu listu.

Online igrace moeze igrati manje vise u svim kladionicama a limiti su solidni ako nisi limitiran. Sa solidni mislim na cambi kladionicama i sbtcheu su oko 500 eura ali moze se provuci i vise ako dodajes neke parove ili kad spuste kvotu jos dobijes novog limita. Pinnacle zna dati cak i vise. Betfair(max neki 200 eura) jedini je vec u startu jako los limit a Marathon bet je prevara oni imaju limit 9 eura i rade vise kao mamac i pomoc drugim kladionicama. Willhill zna imati dobar limit ali oni samo daju par utakmica ponudu igraca svaku noc.Znaci pripremite racune i ne bacajte pare ovim prevarantima sto vas uslovljavaju da igrate min 3 ili 5 parova, nji jedino koristite kad se desi da ne igraju 3 ili 4 igraca iz ponude i onda mozete odigrati singl ili double jer ce na nji biti kvota 1. Porez nikad ne placati naravno jer to nema nigdje na svijetu, to cak ni skandinavci ne uzimaju koji inace imaju i porez na zrak ali igre na srecu se ne smiju dirati jer nema nikakve logike.