Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#129832 D.Drummond PRA [38.5] over 0.75u bf/sb@1.8; CLE

-He averages PRA of 36.1 this season;
-Without Garland, there is a big number of possessions that need to go to someone, and it should be Drummond and Sexton. Last two games Sexton didn't played and Drummond ended up with PRAs over 50 in both games;
-Sexton might come back today (first set of B2B so I have some doubts) but he has that ankle injury so we don't know how much will he be able to play, and Drummond could end up as the first attacking option again;

D.Hunter PRA [22.5] over 0.75u neds/lads@1.87; ATL

-You can get him on unibet at 1.6 and 21.5; Other bookies have him on much lower odds or even higher margin and lower odds;
-he is averaging PRA of 25.4 per game;
-In the last give games he has 5/5 overs on this line and average of 28.6 PRA;
-Bogdanovic is OUT so that should boost Hunter's playing time a little bit,
-Phila with two rookies on 1 and 2, there shouldn't be any great defense outside of Embiid and Green and I expect Green to chase Young around and not Hunter;

J.Randle PRA [40.5] over 1u all/uni@1.91; NYK

-Averages PRA of 41.1; 43 since Burks got injured;
-He plays huge minutes when games are close- sometimes even above 40 without OTs;
-Only dangers are BO and PF trouble;
-He should have a really easy match up as Hornets are one of the worst teams in defense on PF position;

T.Maxey [20.5] over 0.75u bf/sb@1.83; PHI

-Phila currently has Maxey, Joe and Green for 1 and 2 (and Green will probabl start on 3), while on taller positions they have Scott, Reed, Embiid, Howard and Bradley; so since the last game they have Embiid and Scott; That should mean that Maxey should be the only PG on the team and will be forced to play huge minutes again;
-Last game he scored 39 points against Denver in 44 minutes played;
-I don't expect him to repeat that, but just on the playing time and being the PG of the team I expect him to take good amount of shots and go over this line;
-Atlanta plays fast and with poor defense, so it should be a great plus here;

C.Anthony PRA [22.5] under 0.75u; all/bet365@1.86; ORL

-Coach said that Anthony won't be playing same minutes as Fultz, and Fultz was playing around 30 minutes per game on average;
-He averages PRA of 16.8 while playing 23 minutes on average, but that is mostly from the second unit where he had much bigger freedom and has huge usage rate at some points;
-He starts next to Gordon and Vucevic and doesn't play while Vucevic is OUT so his usage rate should be low as Vucevic is now alpha and omega of Orlando and most of attacks go trough him;
-He goes against good defense;
-He is shooting terribly this season, almost just 30% from the field and 17% for 3pt;

N.Vucevic PRA [35.5] over 1u; uni@1.91; ORL

(37.5 on neds!!!)
-No Fournier and Fultz. Most of attacks will go trough Vucevic;
-In the last two games (both blowouts, one much bigger) he had over on both, but most importantly he was taking good number of shots and is expected to take 20+ shots today which should be enough for over.
-I would play higher stake, but because he goes against Bucks which are a good defense and this can be a blowout I decided to go with just 1u here;

D.Avdija PRA [15.5] over 0.75u; bet365@1.86; WAS

-He is averaging PRA of 13.3 this season while playing 23.5 minutes on average;
-When Westbrook is out he played 36, 27 and 32 minutes while having PRAs of 21, 21 and 30;
-With Westbrook being out and Beal being the only real danger in Wizards, I expect Suns to double Beal and guard him harder which opens space for Avdija and Hachimura and others;

B.Beal as [5.5] over 0.75u; unibet@2.05; WAS

-No Westbrook so Beal should have a much higher usage rate and should also have bigger playmaking duties which should resutl in more assists;
-He had 7 assists in each of the two games when Westbrook was out;
-He was already averaging 6.1 assists last season;

B.Clarke PRA [22.5] over 0.5u uni/bet/all@1.85; MEM

-Was averaging 16 PRA in first 4 games from the bench and playing 24 minutes per game;
-After that he was starting, playing more than 30 min on average and having pra of exactly 22.5;
-In those 5 games he has 3 overs and two unders, and both unders were against Lakers which are a really hard match up and they play good defense;
-He is playing well in transition, always running and and finishing and he should continue playing well like he did in the last two games (one of those was a 25 PRA game against Cleveland);
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By Darko1987
#129835 Cole Anthony (ORL) 13,5 Under @1,83 Bet365

Specijalist ga već pomenuo, ja ću ga uzeti samo poene jer zna često pohvatati dosta skokova. Fultz je završio sezonu pa se otvorilo da Anthony bude starter. Na prosjeku je od 9,2pts, a u igri zadnje 3 tekme provodi 28-30 min.

Ukratko očekujem da ga Jrue pojede na oba kraja terena, nije u nekoj formi, ovo je tekma u kojoj će Orlando napadati isključivo preko Vučevića i Ross-a.

Maksimalno se uzdam u defanzivni pristup Holiday-a, očekujem ne više od 10-ak šuteva, samo pogođene 2-3 trice ga vode u over, al’ kad vidim matchup i formu meni je ovde under jedina opcija.

Sretno ako neko prati...