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By nbaspecialtips
#129905 C.Wood [24.5] over 1.25u bet365@1.8; HOU
-Houston is without Wall, Harden (traded out), Oladipo (traded in), Exum, Clemons, Jones, Thomas, House, Gordon, Caboclo (kicked out), Kurucsh; That means they have Wood, Cousins, Tucker, Martin, Tate, Mclemore, Brown and Nwaba. So 8 players only if I am not wrong, and most importanty- no one who can do damage in offense except Wood;
-Wood should be the first and the only real attacking option and I expect him to go 25+ as long as he plays normal playing time;
-His season average is 22.6 points, but with no Wall, Harden and Gordon (at least 2 of them played in each game) this 2 points difference should be nothing;
D.Sabonis [21.5] over 1.5u neds/uni/bet/sb/bf@1.87; IND
-He is averaging 21.8 points this season;
-Indiana will be playing without Oladipo who is traded but also without leVert for whom they traded;
-Game should be fast with plenty of points- 229 isn't what you usually expect to see on Indiana's games, and it's all because Portland is the 7th fastest team in the league and also the 5th worst defense;
-Match up is a missmatch- he is much taller than Covington and much much stronger, enough to be able to bully him in the post;
M.Brogdon PRA [34.5] over 1u; neds/bet/uni@1.87; IND
-He is averaging PRA of 34.1 this season;
-Fast paced game with plenty of points projected here, so that alone should be enough for over;
-Oladipo isn't here so those 20 points need to go somewhere, but more importantly his 4 assists per game need to go somewhere as well, and Brogdon should be the one (together with Sabonis) that will benefit the most;
-Portland very bad in defense against 1 and 2;
Before you proceed bellow- Yes! We played 5 games from the same game. And I think it is a good thing as I am sure we will win at least 3 of these. Miami simply doesn't have people ready to play and everyone should be playing good minutes.
T.Herro PRA [33.5] over 1.5u uni@1.8; MIA
-Others have him on 34.5 (bet365) and some on 35.5;
-He had PRA of 33 (heavy blowout) and 40 in the first two games without Butler. Last time he had 45;
-Besides Butler, Miami will also be without Opkala, Dragic, Nunn, Haslem, Harkless, Bradley, Adebayo and most likely Leonard.
-So 8 players, and Herro should be playing close to 40 minutes. Last time he had 33-34 minutes in regular time (was a win in the regular time) but he played poorly, being -20 in box score while on floor, so he spent more time ont he bench than expected.
-If this will be a close game, he will rpobably flirt with 40 minutes mark and take 20+ shots. He will also playmake more, so more assists, and he is the starting PG, without Adebayo and Butler, so he should also getting those easy defensive rebounds;
D.Robinson PRA [22.5] over 1.25u uni/bet/sb/bf@1.91; MIA
-He is averaging PRA of 18.5 this season, while playing 32 minutes.
-Last game he played 41 minutes because of all people don't playing in Miami. He also finished with 29 PRA in the last game;
-With a huge increase in playing time we should also see a huge increase in his PRA, but also in the usage rate as he becomes the second attacking option right behind Herro;
K.Olynik PRA [24.5] over 1.25u uni/neds/lads@1.91; MIA
-Same as with Herro and Robinson. He played 40 minutes last game, and you expect good PRA from a center that plays 40 minutes.
-He plays on average 28 minutes and has PRA of 20.2; He should be playing around 40 minutes today, so with roughly 40% increase in playing time you also expect 40% more PRA... but not only that- he is the starting center and will play on 5 which should mean more reobunds than usual (easier to get rebounds on 5 than on 4);
P.Achiuwa PRA [23.5] over 0.75u; neds/365/uni@1.87; MIA
-Leonard is doubtfull, while Harkless and Adebayo are OUT. That leaves Miami with 3 players on 4 and 5 and Achiuwa is about to play huge minutes again- 30+ for sure.
-He is averaging PRA of 14.6 this season, while playing 17 minutes on average; Logic would say that if he plays two times more he should also get two times more PRA, which in this case should be 29;
-Last game he had PRa of 33 but to be fair a lot of it came in the last quarter and in the OT;
A.Iguadala PRA [13.5] over 0.75; bet365@1.83; MIA
-He should play more than usual becausel Last game it was 22, this time it should be somewhere around there as well;
-He will have a much bigger usage rate- last game he took 10 shots and ended up with only 7 points because he shot poorly, but his PRA was still 19 which is above this line; If he keeps his usage rate today as well, this should be an easy win;
-He might be starting in the second unit which should be a benefit for his usage rate;