Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#156250 C.Anthony PRA [32.5] over 1u bet365/all@1.86; ORL

-He averages PRA of 32.6 in 34.2 minutes played;
He is supposed to have an above average game today because of these reasons:
-The game is close so he should be playing 35-37 minutes;
-He is going against bad defense: Houston is allowing plenty of points trough PG position;
-Orlando is playing without Suggs as well so Cole should have the ball even more often in the offense. When Suggs is off the floor, Anthony is having a 5% higher usage rate and also assists more. Per 36 min without Suggs, Anthony is averaging PRA of 36.5.

C.Wood PRA [30.5] over 1.66u uni/bet365/888@1.84; HOU

-Need to go trough several things here:
Injury: He left the last game on December 1 duo to ankle injury. He told the reporters that he could have kept playing but decided it was better to go out to not make it bad.
-He is averaging 31 PRa if we don't count the last game, and he should have a well above average game today for several reasons: Without Green (who is OUT) he is averaging PRA of 40.6 per 36 minutes; KJP also might be not playing today because of the same injury that was bothering him before and forcing him to miss some time earlier in the season.
-Close game is expected here because both teams are terrible.

J.Valanciunas PRA [30.5] over 1.75u bet365@1.9; NOP

-Averages PRA of 33.4 this season;
-Last 7 games, all except one of games for pelicans was a blowout, and that one was against Utah where Valanciunas went against the worst match up a center could have right now. That led to him playing less than 25 minutes on average in those games, but he still managed to produce almost 30 PRA which is well above 1 PRA per minute played;
-Dallas is a big 6 points favorite, and blowout is a danger but hopefully it won't happen again. In the first game against Dallas he had PRA of 36 and even then he played 1-2 minutes less than what he should have.
-Dallas is the second worst team when it comes to points allowed to centers and 4th worst when it comes to rebounds so Valanciunas should have a very nice production relative to his playing time.

M.Kleber PRA [15.5] over 1u bet365/all@1.86; DAL

-He is already averaging PRA of almost 14 in 22 minutes played;
-Dallas is without WCS and most likely Porzingis as well, so Kleber should see a big playing time increase and could maybe even be starting.

K.Huerter PRA [19.5] over 0.75u uni/all@1.89; ATL

-He is averaging PRA 16 while playing 26 minutes on average. With Atlanta being without Hunter, Bogdanovic and most likely Reddish Huerter should be looking at a big playing time today and if he keeps similar production per minute he should be at around he should have PRA of around 22 if he plays 36 minutes.

D.Dedmon PRA [20.5] over 1.25u bet365/uni@1.9; MIA

-Averages 11.5 while playing 14.7 minutes on average. With Adebayo being OUT, Dedmon should be playing much more - last 3 games without Adebayo he played 31, 25 and 29- all of these were blowouts. If the game is close, he would be playing around 33 minutes. If he keeps his average production he should easily go over this line.
-Butler is also out, so Dedmon should participate more in the offense.

D.Schroder PRA [24.5] over 1.25u bet365@1.83; BOS

-Without Brown he is averaging PRA of over 31 and on this line he has 7 overs in 9 games;
-Big danger is BO so we are going with less units here.
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By nbaspecialtips
#156252 J.Embiid PRA [38.5] over 1u bet365/uni@1.83; PHI

-Playing bellow what's expected from him this season but he is still taking the shots, rebounding and also assisting more. Last 3 games he had PRA of 59 (OTs), 34 (4/16 shooting) and 37 (3/17 shooting). The margin is lower duo to poor performance in last two games, but as long as he is taking same number of shots he should easily be going over. With the same number of shots last season he was having PRA of well over 40.
-Harris is out and that's a reason more for this bet as someone has to do the scoring now and that someone will be Embiid tonight.
Neds have him on 40,5 for the same offer and others have him mostly on 39.5;

G.Niang PRA [17.5] over 1u bet365@1.9; PHI

-Harris isn't playing and Niang should be benefiting the most from this. When Harris wasn't playing early in November, Niang was averaging PRA of almost 22.
-Last two games without Harris, Niang was a starter and was playing good amount of time- 39 minutes and 26 in a heavy blowout where he would play well above 30 if it wasn't for BO.