Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#156515 L.James PRA [41.5] over 1.33u uni/all@1.87; LAL

-Very important game for Lakers- Suns are big favorites, but I think Lakers can keep playing until the end. In close games, LeBron is playing close to 40 minutes.
-No Davis (and plenty others). With him off the floor, LeBron is averaging PRA of 44.1 per 38 minutes. He will get some time without Westbrook as well, and during that time he will have to take ane ven bigger load in the offense (while also getting extra defensive rebounds).
-Harder match up, but also lower margin than the last time. Phoenix plays with the second fastest pace in the league which should surely help.

R.Westbrook PRA [35.5] over 1u uni/bet365@1.91; LAL

-No Davis. Westbrook needs to step out together with LeBron. He is already averaging 35.5 PRA this season so with Davis being out he should only get higher PRA (long term). When both James and Davis are off the floor (which will happen for around 15 minutes today) Westbrook is averaging PRA of 44 per 36 minutes.
-Opponent isn't making this bet better, but at least Lakers are playing at home and this should be a competitive game until last few minutes so Westbrook should be playing 35+ minutes.

K.A.Towns PRA [41.5] over 1.75u bet365/all@1.9; MIN

-Minnesota is without several players: Beverley, Edwards, Okogie, prince and Vanderbilt. In a small sample, when Beverley and Edwards aren't on the floor, Towns is averaging PRA of 48.5 per 36 minutes. If we look at just when Edwards isn't playing (bigger sample), it is PRA of 47.2 per 36 minutes. He also tends to rebound better when Vanderbilt isn't playing.
-Dallas is very poor in defending against centers. They also in bottom 10 when it comes to 3pt % allowed.
-Close game projected.
-Last game against Dallas he had PRA of 37, but was shooting well bellow average while also getting into PF trouble in the second and third quarter which costed him 4-5 minutes which would be enough to go over the line.

T.Hardaway PRA [28.5] over 1.25u sb/bf/all@1.91; DAL

-With Dallas being without several players, they are foced to use Hardaway more. Last game (no Bullock) he played 40 minutes and had PRA of 40.
-There is a chance that Porzingis won't play and that would open more space to Hardaway because he is averaging PRA of 35.3 per 36 minutes (adjusted to 39 PRA if playing 40 minutes).
-He should probably be starting and his match up in offense will be Russell who can't play defense. Minnesota is the third fastest team in the league and that should surely help make it easier to get PRA.
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By nbaspecialtips
#156517 E.Fournier PRA [22.5] over 1.33u unibet@1.89; NYK

-NYK are without Barret, Knox, mcBride, quickley, Rose and others.. They had only 8 players in rotation last game and Fournier ended up playing 43 minutes and I believe something similar might happen again. In those two games in which neither Rose nor Barret played, Fournier had PRAs of 27 (in only 28 minutes) and 40 in 43 minutes;

J.Brunson PRA [32.5] over 1u neds/lads@1.82; DAL

-No Doncic, no Hardaway. On the other side- no Beverley and Okogie. Should be a close game so Brunson should be getting close to 40 minutes. If Porzingis also ends up not playing, Brunson should be having an even bigger usage rate.