Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#156559 Sve pocinju za 10 min (moze se igrat za 17 min on bet365)...

F.Wagner PRA [28.5] over 1.25u uni/all@1.89; ORL

-6 wins in a row with this dude, I won't even feel bad if he fails. His margin was 26.5 before it was announced that Cole isn't playing. Wagner is the guy that benefits the most from it because he plays with almost 10% bigger usage rate if Cole isn't on the floor.
-In the 3 last games without Cole, Wagner was having this PRA: 30, 31, 37.
-Match up ain't great because Miami is a big favorite and Butler is back, but Orlando was doing well recently even as huge underdogs so I expect that this game can be close enough to see Wagner play 30 or more mintues.

G.Harris PRA [19.5] over 1.33u uni/bet365@1.86; ORL

-Orlando without plenty of players. In 3 games without Cole and others, he had PRAs of 26, 29 and 23 and his margin was higher than this.

W.Carter PRA [28.5] over 0.75u uni/sb/bf@1.82; ORL

-Orlando is without Cole and someone has to take over that 30+ PRA. To make it better, Orlando is also without Okeke (previously without Bamba), so Wendel should play more today than usual. And not only that- Miami is without Tucker and Dedmon (and from before without Morris, Adebayo) so they are super thin on 4 and 5. If Carter starts on 4 he will have a big missmatch in offense, and if he starts on 5 we are guranteed that he will play much more minutes.

O.Yurtseven PRA [22.5] over 0.75u sb/bf@1.97; MIA

-He was heating up recently, and now with Miami being without Tucker and Dedmon he has a chance to start and play big minutes, around 30 probably because Miami's only "real" center is Haslem, who in his young days was brining lunch to people building pyramids. In other words- he is very old dude that shouldn't be playing, so Yurtseven should get as much as he can handle.

J.Butler PRA [34.5] over 1u bet365@1.86; MIA

-Coming off an injury, but only dude capable of playing BB in the starting line up of Miami. (No Lowry, no Adebayo, no Dedmon, Herro most likely coming of the bench etc). He was practivally averaging this with all the players available, so Butler should do good today as long as he gets his minutes.
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By nbaspecialtips
#156562 S.Mykhaliuk PRA [21.5] over 1.25u bet365@1.8; TOR
Y.Wanabe PRA [21.5] over 1.25u bet365@1.95; TOR

Neither of these is something good, but Toronto is without 12 players. None of the starting 5 today would be starters otherwise, but these 2 would be the closest to it. They should play heavy minutes because they don't really have other option. They will go against Garland and Markkanenn, both being poor defenders which should help a lot.

S.Dinwiddie PRA [27.5] over 1.75u bet365@1.74; WIZ

(28.5 is pefectly fine as well, just do 1.5u instead)
-In games without Beal he is averaging like 43 PRA. If we look at just on/off, per 36 min without Beal he is averaging PRA of 35, still well above this line.
-Two games ago when Beal didn't played, his line was at 29.5.. we get a chance to get better line because DInwiddie was in slump recently, but last game against decent defense of Knicks he managed to get PRA of 40.
-He gets a 10% increase in usage rate when Beal isn't playing.

B.Ingram PRA [39.5] over 0.75u bet365/sb/bf@1.8; NOP

-He is averaging this in December already (39.6) and today he will be playing eiwouth Valanciunas so he should get few extra shots.

D.White PRA [31.5] over 0.66u uni/bet365@1.98; SAS

-He will move to PG and should be the main ball handler so he should end up with more rebounds and assists. He should also see a big increase in usage rate with no Murray, so he should be taking more shots than usual and potentially play more.

S.Bey PRA [31.5] over 1.33u bet365/all@1.95; DET

-Detroit is without 10 players, so Bey should be looking at another 40 minutes game and with no Grant and no Cunningham, he should be looking at a nice usage rate and more rebounds as well as more assists.
-Spurs play with fast pace and many points, which should be a plus as long as this doesn't end up being a blowout.

D.DeRozan PRA [35.5] over 0.75u bet365/sb/bf@1.9; CHI

-He is already averaging PRA of over 36 this season. Today he should have an above average game because Ball is OUT and because of that he should get to handle the ball a little bit more, maybe also take few more shots.
-DeRozan is the guy that benefits the most when Lonzo isn't playing (by just looking at stats), as he gets a 9% increase in usage rate and averages PRA of over 44 per 36 minutes (stats are skewed by last few games here DeRozan was balling because LaVine wasn't playing either).

Three bets, all from the same game and with the same reasons:

T.Mann PRA [23.5] over 1u sb/bf/bet365@1.89; LAC
L.Kennard PRA [23.5] over 1u bet365/sb@1.95; LAC
E.Bledsoe PRA [24.5] over 1u bet@1.71; LAC

-Clippers are without several important players, Jackson and George being the most important here. These 3 guys should see a big bump in playing time and also in usage rate so we can expect a lot of PRA from them.