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By nbaspecialtips
#156524 Bog.Bogdanovic PRA [23.5] over 1.33 bet365@1.9; ATL

(was 22.5 not long ago so the line could quickly change again).
-He is coming off injury, but Atlanta is without Young, Williams, TLW, Hunter, Huerter and Gallinari, so Bogdanovic should be playing good minutes and have a good usage rate, plus he should also playmake more because he can do that and is maybe even the best playmaker in Atlanta right now (with all the injuries) so he should also get more assists today.

G.Harris PRA [20.5] over 1.25u sb/bf@1.91; ORL

-Orlando is still without 1000 players, except now they are also without Mulder. Harris should be looking at increased playing time and at a very nice usage rate like last time. In the last two games he had PRA of 26 and 29.

F.Wagner PRA [29.5] over 1.25u bf/sb@1.95; ORL

-Great odds. Orlando was down to 6 players without these new unknown guys, so I would expect Wagner to play good minutes again, over 30 (last time he played only 28!?), but with increased usage rate and also extra playmaking responsibilities. Last 2 games without Anthony he had PRa of 37 and 31

R.Williams PRA [20.5] over 1.25u uni/bet365@1.83; BOS

-Boston is without Horford, Hernangomez, Greant Williams and several other players. Because of that, we can expect Williams to play a bigger role and to end up playing around 35-36 minutes which is a big upgade over his 27 min average. He is already averaging PRA of 18.7, so with 40% increased playing time it shouldn't be too hard to go over 20 PRA;
-Cavs are also without their tall players- no Mobley, no Allen and no Davis, while Love is GTD. Williams should have an easier game because of that.
-I am only scared of BO, but while Boston is a big 7 points favorite here, they aren't playing that great recently, while on other side Cleveland is one of the biggest surprises this season and they are playing very well.

T.Haliburton PRA [29.5] over 1.5u bet365/uni@1.83; SAC

-With Kings playing without Fox, Mitchell and many others, Haliburton moved to PG position and team's primary ball handler, creator and first attacking option. That led to him having PRAs of 42 and 39 in the last 2 games while playing around 40 minutes on both of them.
-Stats say that he is scoring much more recently with Fox not playing and assisting much more at the same time. He also tends to play better on home court.
-Match up shoulddn't be too hard. Bledsoe likes to gamble a lot and this time he doesn't have a great defender on C to cover him.
-Clippers are 5 points favorites, but it shouldn't be a blowout.

I.Zubac PRA [19.5] over 0.66u sb/bf@1.78; LAC

-He is on 20.5 on other bookies;
-He is averaging PRA of roughly 19 in almost 25 minutes per game.
-Today he should have an above average game because of two reasons, first being that Hartenstein is injured and Morris is also OUT. Zubac should end up playing more minutes because of that, maybe close to 30.
-Second reason is the opponent- Kings play fast and with not so great defense, so Zubac is expected to get more rebounds than usual. When we look at the number of rebounds allowed to centers, Kings are the third worst team in the league.

T.Mann PRA [22.5] over 0.75u uni/bet365@1.84; LAC

-Since PG got stopped playing after Portland game, Man has been starting and usually playing 35+ minutes. Today PG13 is coming back, but Clippers are now without Jackson and Kennard, so they are very thin on 1 and 2.
-Last game he played 37 minutes with both Kennard and Jackson available (PG being back) so I think its safe to assume that he will play 35+ again.
-His match up aint a good defender. Kings play fast with poor defense, so it adds more value to overs.