Najjača košarkaška liga na svijetu i naša specijalnost :mrgreen:
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By nbaspecialtips
#156611 J.Brown PRA [36.5] over 1.33u uni/all@1.89; BOS

-No Tatum and Schroder. He will have a huge usage rate and should also dish out some assists and maybe getting few rebounds more. Last two games in similar situation he had PRAs of 38 and 40 and both were very low scoring games.
-Opponent is bad for the bet, but the game should be somewhat close, so Brown should be playing close to 40 minutes today.

M.Smart PRA [22.5] over 1.25u uni/bet365@1.89; BOS

-No Tatum and Schroder. Smart is coming back after missing 2 games, but he should be playing as much as possible. With these two guys not playing, he should have a big usage rate and handle the ball a lot.
-When Tatum and Schroder aren't on the floor, Smart is averaging PRA of 32 per 36 minutes.
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By nbaspecialtips
#156614 Zadnji post od mene ove sezone:

D.Sabonis PRA [38.5] over 1u uni/all@1.89; IND

-No Brogdon. Sabonis should have a higher usage rate and also get to create more.
-Bulls are are weak on PF when it comes defense.
-Close game expected.

C.LeVert PRA [34.5] over 1u uni/bet365@1.89; IND

-No Brogdon and Duarte.
-He should be playing close to 40 min and have a big usage rate.

J.Brunson PRA [31.5] over 1u uni/bet365@1.89; DAL

-Going against fast team with poor defense. Close game projected.
-Plays good amount of time since Doncic went down, and he should continue doing the same today.

K.Porzingis PRA [35.5] over 0.75u uni/all@1.89; DAL

-Easy match up, great opponent for over.
-Porzi is playing great recently and should continue in the same direction today. Last 3 games he had PRAs of 34, 48 (blowout) and 39 against strong defense.

C.Capela PRA [28.5] over 0.75u uni/all@1.89; ATL

-Atlanta is without plenty of players including Collins, Dieng and Okongwo. They are lacking centers which might force Capela to play more today and it should also be easier to grab those defensive rebounds.
-Last two games (both blowouts), he had PRA of 27 and 36.
-Tought match up, but he should make up for it with increased playing time.

M.Morris PRA [26.5] over 1.25u uni/all@1.99; LAC

-He is balling since PG13 went down and only had a one bad game. Clippers are also without several other players so Morris should, not only have a higher usage rate, but also play bigger minutes today.
-Last two games he had PRAs of 35 (big blowout) and 35.

S.Ibaka PRA [21.5] over 0.75u sb/bf/all@1.92; LAC

-Clippers are without Zubac, his back up, Batum and plenty of others. Ibaka should be getting good playing time, probably around 30 min or more.

D.White PRA [29.5] over 0.75u bet365/sb/bf@1.8; SAS

-No Murray. White moves to PG and will handle the ball the most, resulting in more assists while also having a much higher usage rate. His match up in offense doesn't play defense, and as long as this gameis close, White is supposed to have a good game.

L.James PRA [47.5] over 0.66u bet365@1.95; LAL

-He is balling recently, averaging PRA of over 52. Easy match up as Portland is without most of their 4 and 5 guys.

L.Nance PRA [22.5] over 1.33u uni/all@1.89; POR

-Portland is without COvington, nurkic and Zeller. Nance will be starting and should play good amount of minutes today.
-Last game against a hard march up in Utah he managed to get PRA of 32 in a blowout game.